At the beginning of February 2019 the collections of the Central Library were enriched with another valuable and big donartion.


The publishing house “Zahariy Stoyanov” donated over 300 books – fiction, reference editions and materials in the field of philosophy and science.


Among the donated books we could point out Bulgarian classics (Geo Milev, Yordan Yovkov, Talev, Peyo Yavorov, Ivan Vazov); new books by contemporary Bulgarian writers, published in the following sequels – “Contemporary Bulgarian Prose”, “Contemporary Bulgarian Poetry”, “Voluminous Editions”, “Metaphor Hunters”, “Literature Criticism and Aesthetics”; world classics, philosophical and historical editions; encyclopedias; voluminous editions in philosophy and history; valuable books from the sequels “Philosophy and human” (Friedrich Nietzsche, Nikolai Berdyaev, Lev Shestov, Erich Fromm, Vladimir Soloviev, Aristotle, Arthur Schopenhauer, Soren Kierkegaard etc.), “Duty and Honour”, “Belief and Culture” and “Mythology and cultural antropology”.