At the end of 2018, The Central Library received a valuable donation of books  from the personal library of the famous Bulgarian scientist Asya Popova.
These books are currently being processed and will be officially presented in May.





Assia Popova (1934-2018) is a Bulgarian ethnologist. She studied in the French department of the Language School in Lovech and Russian Philology in Moscow. After working for several years in the Ethnographic Institute and Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, in 1968 she settled in France. Since the beginning of 1972 she worked at the French National Center for Scientific Research in Paris, firstly as a research assistant and then as an assistant professor.




The donation includes about 1 000 books, mostly in French, but there also editions in English and Russian. The titles cover topics in ethnology, social anthropology and valuable humanities reference books. Donation there are include works by Claude Levi-Strauss and Mircea Eliade, as well as books by Assia Popova herself.