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Проекти на ЦБ на БАН

Последна промяна 2017-01-12 19:29

The Central Library of BAS participates in a Project for retro conversion of the collections of the libraries-founders of the NALIS foundation and from 2010 to 2014 provided nearly 313 000 records to be integrated in the NALIS Union catalogue.

The project “Retro conversion of rare and valuable book” includes the retro conversion of:
1. Valuable collections, preserved in the Central Library
2. Analytic description of “Periodical Journal of the Bulgarian Literary Society” (1870-1876, 1882-1910) and its successor “Journal of BAS” (1912- ) and “Folklore and Ethnography Collection” (1889-1912), as well as its successor “Folklore and Ethnography Collection. Publication for comprehensive study of the ethnographic Bulgaria” (1912- ).

In the framework of the Digitalization of the collection of books from the period of the Bulgarian National Revival, preserved in the Central Library, were scanned, descripted and presented 737 titles.

In the framework of the Digitalization of the periodical newspaper “Mir”, preserved in the Central Library, were scanned 51 years.

Централна библиотека на БАН участва и в следните проукти: ATHENA PLUS, BBinding, LINKEDHERITAGE, CARARE, ATHENA, Русский мир, Колекции Феликс Каниц, Италианските следи в България.

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